Today successfully we have launched “Windows Mobile App” called “NCDEX Market Tracker” for India’s biggest Agri Commodity Exchange NCDEX.


NCDEX Market Tracker

Windows Phone users who are trading or interesting on NCDEX can download our app from Windows Play Store


It’s a 100% professional app for NCDEX Market, which provides live tips, suggestions, Predictions, Analyst review, Resistance Levels and Support levels.

NCDEX Market users can download and using this app to understand the market movement of each Agri commodities including BARLEY, DHANIYA, JEERA, TURMERIC, KAPAS, PEPPER, GUAR SEED, SUGAR, SOYABEANS, CHANA, WHEAT and Non-Agri commodities GOLD, CRUDE OIL, SILVER and COPPER.

In this release following basic features are added
1. One time Authentication
2. SMS Alert for subscribed Customers
3. Calls or Tips
4. Pivot Levels
5. Chart Pages

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