NSE Market Tracker

NSE Market Tracker

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Today Our start-up is moving one step ahead, but it’s a BIG step I believe . Yes We’ve launched a mobile application for NSE Market called “NSE Market Tracker”. It’s our first mobile app for an equity market.



This App will give you more accurate information of market news, opinion, chart, tips, calls, Technical analysis, pivot levels, financial summary of listed stocks in a simple and easy to understandable manner.

It has following unique features

1. One time Authentication
2. Simple English
3. Accurate Levels
4. Accurate Calls/Tips
5. Push Notification
6. SMS Alert for Subscribed users
7. Ad free application
8. User-friendly
9. Very Good Customer Service
10. USD/INR chart

Also You will receive the messages via App push-notification and SMS alert, whenever our technical team post the market news on our app

Now it is available on Google Play Store. Soon We’ll launch the same in Windows Phone Play store as well.


Download and share your feedback, whatever you feel

NCDEX Windows App Released

NCDEX Windows App Released

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Today successfully we have launched “Windows Mobile App” called “NCDEX Market Tracker” for India’s biggest Agri Commodity Exchange NCDEX.


NCDEX Market Tracker

Windows Phone users who are trading or interesting on NCDEX can download our app from Windows Play Store



It’s a 100% professional app for NCDEX Market, which provides live tips, suggestions, Predictions, Analyst review, Resistance Levels and Support levels.

NCDEX Market users can download and using this app to understand the market movement of each Agri commodities including BARLEY, DHANIYA, JEERA, TURMERIC, KAPAS, PEPPER, GUAR SEED, SUGAR, SOYABEANS, CHANA, WHEAT and Non-Agri commodities GOLD, CRUDE OIL, SILVER and COPPER.

In this release following basic features are added
1. One time Authentication
2. SMS Alert for subscribed Customers
3. Calls or Tips
4. Pivot Levels
5. Chart Pages

MCX Market Tracker

MCX Market Tracker

Portfolio, Product

Our flagship product “MCX Market Tracker” is a mobile app which provides live data of MCX, Calls(Expert recommendations), Resistance and Support Levels.

It has following unique features

1. Fast and Accurate Calls(Market Predictions)
2. Resistance and Support Levels for Bullion, Energy and Metals.
3. Very User Friendly app
4. Ad Free Application.
5. Fifteen days free trial.
6. SMS Service
7. One-time Authentication
8. Intuitive UI for Live
9. Live price updates with 5 seconds interval
10. Push Notifications

Its been reached more than 50000+ users in a short period for it’s accurate data and market predictions. It’s highly rated in google play store around 4.1 out of 5. More than 500 users reviewed and given positive feedback.

Recently We’ve released Windows Phone Version of our app in Windows Play Store. It’s one of the highly rated app for MCX Market in windows play store.


Screenshot_LEVELS_com.fastura.mcx Screenshot_com.fastura.mcx Screenshot_CALLS_com.fastura.mcx

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Download our App here

Install and get the latest updates of MCX markets, recommendations from experts and monitor your favorite commodity on live.
Google Play Store link windows-phone-store

You can follow our app here


We are developing similar applications for other markets like NCDEX, NSE,BSE and FOREX as well.