Everything You Wanted

Fastura is a technology solution company which is developing mobile applications for commodity and equity markets in India.

Why are we?

There is a big gap between common people and trading platform. We are reducing this gap by mobile technology at user friendly approach which anyone can trade without prior experience. Especially women in families can make easy money via trading at their convenient place and time.

What we have done?

We have launched 3 mobile apps Commodity Market Tracker, NCDEX Market Tracker and NSE Market Tracker for Indian commodity and equity markets. And We’ve reached more than 95000 users till date.

What is the problem we addressed?

Commodity Trading is running more than 12 hours daily. No one can watch the market for all the time and take good decision on trading.

Who are our target customers? How does our product benefit them?

Women in Families can generate the revenue via trading online at their home and convenient time. But most of them are not aware of it due to lack of knowledge in trading.

Anyone who are eligible to trade and having reasonable investment aroung 50000 minimum are our target audience. Especially mid-class urban women are primary target.

They can use our mobile app and follow our suggestion are enough to trade without any market research for all the time. Our team will do the research and analysis on the market and update the user about the market movement at right time via app notification and SMS alert