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Financial Consultant Product Tutorial

The customers and financial advisors are managed by this product. There are two interfaces for the product: admin and super admin. To create an admin and view the overall AMC, utilize the Super admin. The customer's mutual fund accounts, health insurance, term insurance, and general insurance are added using the admin. The administrator has access to the customer's past records and can use the dashboard's graph to follow the total records.

For more detail look at the below tutorial

First, open your browser and navigate to the website. You can access your dashboard by entering your email address and password on the login page, which is visible there.

Now, you will be taken to the dashboard. There, you are able to view the mutual fund, health, life, and general insurance counts as well as the financial consultant count. Using a graph, you can monitor the consultant's performance in that dashboard.

The option for a financial consultant is located on the left side of your navigation bar. To view your financial consultant, click that link. The Add New button is located in the top right corner. Your new administrator can be added as a financial advisor.

Once you click the "Add new" button, a form will open where you can enter your admin information, including your name and password.

It is evident that the financial consultant has been successfully created after pressing the submit button.

As you can see, the financial consultant's account has been created.

There is a message button in the left navbar; clicking it will take you to the message page. The message that you send to the client is visible to you. There is a New Message button in the upper right corner. You can add a message there to be sent to your financial consultants.

When the message box opens, type your message and press submit to send it to the financial consultants.

In the table, the message will be visible. which is forwarded to the financial consultants.

When you click on the profile image in the upper right corner, a popup window with the buttons "Profile" and "Signout" will appear. The profile page is accessed via the profile button. The account can be closed using the sign out button.

The financial consultant's login credentials can be used to access the same website.

The admin dashboard appears after entering the login information.

A users button can be found on the left side of the navigation bar. When the users button is clicked, a customer list opens. To add a customer, click the "add new customer" button in the upper right corner.

You can enter the customer details in the form that appears once the customer details are entered.

The customer details will appear in the customer details table as soon as the information is entered. The action column in the customer details features a blue profile icon. To view the customer's fund and insurance details, click that link.

All the funds and insurance details fo the customer will we displayed.